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UDZ8502 Rear Rim to Disc Bolt

UDZ8502   Rear Rim to Disc Bolt

Replaces number 1220123, 08397

14mm x 1.5 x 116mm---Pipped Head

Fits: D3006, D4006, D4506, D4507, D5206, D5207, D6206, D6207, D6507, D6507C, D6806, D7206, D8006, D10006, D13006, DX3.30VF, DX3.30VC, DX3.50VF, DX3.50SC, DX90, 6240VC, 6250VC, 6250VF, 6275F, 6260VC, 6260SC

Price: $3.95

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