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UJD41200    New Magneto---Long Prong

UJD41200 New Magneto---Long Prong

Long Prong-5/8" from drive to end of lug

A (sn 487999 or earlier)
B (sn 89999 or earlier)
D (sn 130700 and up)
G (sn 11980 and earlier)
H (sn 12000 and earlier)

Price: $414.50

UJD41201    New Magneto---Short Prong

UJD41201 New Magneto---Short Prong

Short Prong-1/4" from drive to end of lug

A (sn 488000 and later), AR, AO (sn 260000 and later)
B (sn 90000 and later), BR,BO,BI (sn331500 and later)
G (sn 13000 and later), H (sn 1000 and later), 60

Price: $424.95

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