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KU90500 Evaporator---Replaces T0270-87340

KU90500   Evaporator---Replaces T0270-87340

Replaces number T0270-87340, 590-6005

Fits: L3710, L4310, L4610, L5030, M1055, M4900, M5700 Serial Number 10657 and Below, M6800 Serial Number 65762 and Below, M9000 Serial Number 58436 and Below

Core Width--- 4-1/16"
Overall Width--- 7-1/2"
Core Height--- 3-1/8"
Overall Height--- 3-1/8"
Core Length---14"
Overall Length---18"
Valve Type---Block
Fitting Type---Metric O-ring
Fitting Size Inlet---22mm
Fittiing Size outlet---24mm

Price: $564.29

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