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Fuel Tank Mounting Pad---2016

UJD37259   Mounting Pad---Replaces B1825R

UJD37259 Mounting Pad---Replaces B1825R

Replaces number B1825R, JDS860

Metal bushing NOT included

Fits: AO SN: 272000 and up, AR SN: 272000 and up, B series SN: 96000 & up, G series SN: 13000 and up, 60 Standard up to SN: 604299, 620 Orchard,

(1/2" thick---1/2" center hole---1-1/2" O.D.)

2 used per tractor

Price: $3.95

UJD37260   Mounting Pad---Replaces M305T

UJD37260 Mounting Pad---Replaces M305T

Replaces number M305T, JDS567

Fits: M, MT, MC, MI

8 Used per tractor

Price: $1.25

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