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Engine Stop Cable---2017

KU1200   Engine Stop Cable---2 and 3 Cylinder---36-1/2

KU1200 Engine Stop Cable---2 and 3 Cylinder---36-1/2" Long

Replaces number 71977

Fits: L1500, L1501, L175, L1801, L1802, L185, L2000, L2002, L2200, L2201, L2202, L225, L2402, L2402, L2402DT, L245, L2601, L275, L295

Price: $26.63

KU1201   Engine Stop Cable---4 Cylinder---54

KU1201 Engine Stop Cable---4 Cylinder---54" Long

Replaces number 71978

L2600, L2602, L2602DT, L2802, L285, L3001, L3202, L345

Price: $26.63

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