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Complete Engine Overhaul Kit

UF10110 Complete Gas Engine Overhaul Kit---800K

Fits: 800, 801, 900, 901, 4000 4 cyl. With 172 CID Engine

Information we need is bearing size, rotor or gear type oil pump
spin on or cartridge type oil filter

Complete kit contains: Sleeve-Piston-Ring set, rod bearings, main bearings, rod bushings, cam gear, overhaul gasket set with seals, exhaust valves, intake valves, valve guides, valve retainers, valve springs, valve locks, oil filter, hoses, spark plugs, points, condenser, fan belt, and oil pump kit. If your tractor did not originally have a part listed above, the kit will not include that item (for example some engines were sleeveless, therefore no sleeves will be in the kit).
Must give main bearing size, rod bearing size and oil pump gear width.
Standard, 010, 020 and 030 bearings are available in the kit prices.
Other Sizes are available but may increase the price of the kit

Price: $653.90

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