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CaseIH 385, 395---D155-3 Cylinder Diesel

UCA20354 Out of Frame Engine Overhaul Kit

Replaces number 945326

Fits: 385, 395

Includes: Sleeves, Pistons, Rings, Wrist Pins, Clips, Rod Bearings
Main Bearings, Complete Gasket Set with Crankshaft Seals

Please Provide us with the bearing sizes

Price: $769.50

UCA20200 Sleeve and Piston Kit

Replaces number 6318

Fits: 385, 395

3-7/8" Bore---16:1 Compression Ratio

Includes: Pistons, Rings, Pins, & Clips

Price: $478.13

UCA20201 Piston Ring Set for 3 Ring Pistons

Replaces number 2C5319

Fits: 385, 395

3-7/8" Bore---with (4) 1/8" Keystone, (4) 3/32"Compression and (4) 3/16" Oil Rings

For 1 Complete Engine

Price: $166.61

UCA20202 Piston Ring Set for 4 Ring Pistons

Replaces number 2C5559

Fits: 385, 395

3-7/8" Bore---with (4) 1/8" Keystone, (8) 1/8"Compression and (4) 3/16" Oil Rings

For 1 Complete Engine

Price: $160.44

UCA20203 Piston Pin Bushing

Replaces number R-3132018R2

3 Required

Price: $5.25

UCA20204 Connecting Rod Bearing Set---STD

Replaces number CB-1044S3-STD

Set of Three

Price: $49.50

UCA20205 Connecting Rod Bearing Set---010

Replaces number CB-1044S3.010

Set of Three

Price: $49.50

UCA20206 Connecting Rod Bearing Set---020

Replaces number CB-1044S3.020

Set of Three

Price: $49.50

UCA20207 Connecting Rod Bearing Set---030

Replaces number CB-1044S3.030

Set of Three

Price: $49.50

UCA20208 Connecting Rod Bolt

Replaces number R-3055033R1

Price: $23.63

UCA20209 Main Bearing Set---STD

Replaces number MS-1197P

Price: $93.75

UCA20210 Main Bearing Set---010

Replaces number MS-1197P.010

Price: $93.75

UCA20211 Main Bearing Set---020

Replaces number MS-1197P.020

Price: $93.75

UCA20212 Main Bearing Set---030

Replaces number MS-1197P.030

Price: $93.75

UCA20213   Head Gasket Set

UCA20213 Head Gasket Set

Replaces number HS3745

Price: $120.72

UCA20214   Conversion Gasket Set

UCA20214 Conversion Gasket Set

Replaces number CS3745X

Crankshaft Seals are not included

Price: $105.00

UCA20215 Oil Pan Gasket Set

Replaces number OS30455A

Price: $13.50

UCA20216 Valve Cover Gasket Set

Replaces number R-3138641R1

Price: $12.02

UCA20217 Timing Cover Seal

Replaces number 48033

Price: $18.38

UCA20218 Rear Main Seal

Replaces number 47864

Price: $14.58

UCA20211 Valve Train Kit

Replaces number VTKIH454

Price: $176.25

UCA20212 Intake Valve

Replaces number 211-2538

Price: $15.00

UCA20213 Exhaust Valve

Replaces number 211-2539

Price: $15.38

UCA20214 Valve Guide

Replaces number 217-3284

Price: $4.95

UCA20215 Valve Spring

Replaces number R-3055060R1

Price: $6.00

UCA20216 Valve Lock

Replaces number R-3055057R91

Price: $14.33

UCA20217 Valve Rotator

Replaces number R-3055059R91

Price: $42.02

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