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Case 630, 640---G188B-4 Cylinder Gas

UCA19301 Piston Ring Set

Replaces number 2C7120

3-13/16" Bore with (12)- 3/32" Compression & (4)- 1/4" Oil Rings

Price: $140.25

UCA19252 Piston Pin Bushing

Replaces number 223-3531

4 Required

Price: $9.23

UCA19190 Rod Bearing---Standard

Replaces CB-655P.STD

4 Required

Price: $14.07

UCA19192 Rod Bearing---010

Replaces CB-655P-010

4 Required

Price: $14.07

UCA19193 Rod Bearing---020

Replaces CB-655P-020

4 Required

Price: $14.07

UCA19194 Rod Bearing---030

Replaces CB-655P-030

4 Required

Price: $14.07

UCA19302 Main Bearing Set---Standard

Replaces number MS-652P-STD

Price: $135.62

UCA19303 Main Bearing Set---010

Replaces number MS-652P-010

Price: $135.62

UCA19304 Main Bearing Set---020

Replaces number MS-652P-020

Price: $135.62

UCA19305 Cam Bearing Set

Replaces number SH-690S

Price: $28.89

UCA19306   Head Gasket Set

UCA19306 Head Gasket Set

Replaces number HS3687

Price: $62.45

UCA19307   Conversion Gasket Set

UCA19307 Conversion Gasket Set

Replaces number CS3424W

For Models with Dry Clutch

Price: $96.75

UCA19308   Conversion Gasket Set

UCA19308 Conversion Gasket Set

Replaces number CS3424Y

For Models with Case Omatic

Price: $78.87

UCA19510   Oil Pan Gasket

UCA19510 Oil Pan Gasket

Replaces number OS20844

Price: $22.76

UCA19309   Valve Cover Gasket Set

UCA19309 Valve Cover Gasket Set

Replaces number VS38316

Price: $12.56

UCA19311 Intake Valve Guide

Replaces number 217-3874

Price: $4.58

UCA19312 Exhaust Valve Guide

Replaces number 217-3873

Price: $4.13

UCA19313 Valve Lock

Replaces number 216-5118

Price: $0.75

UCA19314 Intake Valve Spring

Replaces number 212-1009

Price: $5.16

UCA19315 Exhaust Valve Spring

Replaces number 212-1116

Price: $3.75

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