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Case 1170, 1175, 1270---A451BDT-6 Cylinder Turbo Diesel

UCA20359 Out of Frame Engine Overhaul Kit

Replaces number 925142

Fits: 1170, 1175, 1270

Includes: Sleeves, Pistons, Rings, Wrist Pins, Clips, Rod Bearings
Main Bearings, Complete Gasket Set with Crankshaft Seals

Please Provide us with the bearing sizes and Tractor Serial Number

Price: $1,455.50

UCA19935 Sleeve and Piston Kit

Replaces number 3329

Fits: 1170, 1175, 1270---A451BDT-6 Cylinder Turbo Diesel

4-3/8" Bore with 1.625" Pin Diameter

Includes: Pistons, Rings, Pins, & Clips

Price: $1,195.15

UCA19936 Piston Ring Set

Replaces number 2C5464

4-3/8" Bore with (12)- 1/8" Compression & (6)- 3/16" Oil Rings

Price: $450.74

UCA19937 Piston Pin Bushing

Replaces number R-A61241

6 Required

Price: $14.25

UCA19524 Connecting Rod Bearing---Standard

Replaces number CB-686P-STD

6 Required

Price: $11.63

UCA19525 Connecting Rod Bearing---002

Replaces number CB-686P.002

6 Required

Price: $18.98

UCA19526 Connecting Rod Bearing---010

Replaces number CB-686P.010

6 Required

Price: $11.63

UCA19527 Connecting Rod Bearing---020

Replaces number CB-686P.020

6 Required

Price: $11.63

UCA19528 Connecting Rod Bearing---030

Replaces number CB-686P.030

6 Required

Price: $11.63

UCA19529 Connecting Rod Bearing---040

Replaces number CB-686P.040

6 Required

Price: $18.98

UCA19825 Main Bearing Set---Standard

Replaces number MS-1498P-STD

Price: $112.50

UCA19826 Main Bearing Set---010

Replaces number MS-1498P-010

Price: $112.50

UCA19827 Main Bearing Set---020

Replaces number MS-1498P-020

Price: $112.50

UCA19828 Main Bearing Set---030

Replaces number MS-1498P-030

Price: $112.50

UCA19353 Thrust Washer Set---.186" Thick

Replaces number TW-354S

Price: $18.99

UCA19354 Thrust Washer Set---.156" Thick

Replaces number TW-355S

Price: $18.99

UCA19829   Cam Bearing Set---2.250

UCA19829 Cam Bearing Set---2.250" Shaft Diameter

Replaces number SH-705S

Price: $43.88

UCA19927 Head Gasket Set

Replaces number HS3480

Price: $240.08

UCA19928   Conversion Gasket Set

UCA19928 Conversion Gasket Set

Replaces number CS3480W

Price: $103.19

UCA19833   Oil Pan Gasket Set

UCA19833 Oil Pan Gasket Set

Replaces number OS21335

Price: $25.34

UCA19805   Valve Cover Gasket Set---3 Required

UCA19805 Valve Cover Gasket Set---3 Required

Replaces number VS37868

Price: $8.18

UCA19362 Valve Lifter

Replaces number R-A182179

Price: $14.25

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