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Alternator (NEW)

UCA40050    Alternator with Pulley

UCA40050 Alternator with Pulley

Replaces number 104020A1, 103804A1R, 3698016M91, K92293C1, A-92281C1

Fits: 885, 990, 995, 996, 1210, 1212, 1410, 1412, 1190, 1290, 1390, 1490, 1690

Price: $129.95

UA53150      Alternator Mounting Kit

UA53150 Alternator Mounting Kit

Used when switching form generator to alternator
Does not include top adjusting bracket

Price: $39.30

UA53151      Top Adjusting Bracket

UA53151 Top Adjusting Bracket

7/8" Wide--1-1/2" Offset--8-1/4" from farthest end of slot to center of mounting hole
3-3/4" slot length--3/8" mounting hole

Price: $23.50

UA53153      MINI-Alternator--42 Amp with Pulley and Diode

UA53153 MINI-Alternator--42 Amp with Pulley and Diode

For tractors requiring a smaller diameter alternator for clearance
Dimensions & Notes: 4-1/2" housing diameter, 2-1/2" pulley diameter----3/8" belt width
For 12 Volt Negative Ground Systems Only
This alternator has a built in regulator, that requires an excitation circuit--Includes Instructions

Price: $149.95

UA53153P    Pulley---Fits UA53153

UA53153P Pulley---Fits UA53153

Dimensions---.587" I.D.----1.437" Overall Length---3" Diameter Pulley

5/8" Belt Width

Price: $34.95

UA53151      Alternator

UA53151 Alternator

Dimensions & Notes: 6-1/4' housing diameter, 2-1/2" pulley diameter----5/8" belt width
Must rev engine to 800-850 RPM in order for unit to self excite
For 12 Volt Negative Ground Systems Only
Simple 1 Wire Alternator Hookup
Run a wire from alternator through amp gaugeto positive side of battery.

Price: $97.85

UA53152      Alternator Pulley

UA53152 Alternator Pulley

For 5/8" Width Belt

Price: $19.95

UT2557        Alternator Pulley

UT2557 Alternator Pulley

For 1/2" Width Belt

.670" Shaft Diameter

3-3/16" Outside Diameter

Price: $19.95

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