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2 Cylinder Head-New-No Valves

UJD10010    Cylinder Head---B357R

UJD10010 Cylinder Head---B357R

Replaces Casting number B357R, JDS852

Fits: Unstyled B, BN & BW sn 1000 thru 59999, BR - BO sn 325000 thru 328999

Price: $447.00

UJD10013    Cylinder Head---AA464R

UJD10013 Cylinder Head---AA464R

Replaces Casting number AA464R, A587R, JDS1020

Fits: A up to sn 487999, AO and AR up to sn 259999

Price: $515.00

UJD10012    Cylinder Head---56T

UJD10012 Cylinder Head---56T

Replaces number 56T, M1768T, JDS007

Guides and Seats Included

Fits: M, MT, 40

Price: $433.00

UJD10011    Cylinder Head---M3035T

UJD10011 Cylinder Head---M3035T

Replaces number M3035T, M3995T, JDS082

Guides and Seats Included

Fits: 40, 420, 430

Price: $475.00

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