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Axle with Frame, Hub and Wheels

UIHSCK00070 Axle/Frame Assembly---Replaces 467195R92

Replaces number 467195R92

Call for Availability and Shipping Quote

Price: $395.00

UIHSCK0071 Wheel Hub---Replaces 465492R2

Replaces number 465492R2

Price: $100.00

UIHSCK0072 Wheel Rim-14 x 5---Replaces T25852

Replaces number T25852

Price: $50.00

UIHSCK0073 Tongue Tow Bar---Replaces 222688C91

Replaces number 222688C91, 489506R2

Price: $50.00

UIHSCK0074 Upper Tongue Support---Replaces 489513R1

Replaces number 489513R1

Price: $50.00

UIHSCK0075 Lower Tongue Support---Replaces 489514R1

Replaces number 489514R1

Price: $40.00

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