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UW01507   Steering Wheel---Replaces RT479

UW01507 Steering Wheel---Replaces RT479

Replaces number RT479, CKS066

Fits: R up to sn 00149015170

16" Diameter---3 Spokes---Tapered and Keyed Hub---7/8" - 1" Shaft

Price: $48.50

UW01508   Steering Wheel---Replaces JT341A

UW01508 Steering Wheel---Replaces JT341A

Replaces number JT341A, 10A8502, MMS015

Fits: G, GB, GTA, GTB, R, RTI, U, UB, Z, ZB, Early 5 Star, Jet Star, Jet Star 2

17-5/8" Diameter---3 Spoke---Tapered and Keyed Hub---7/8"---1" Shaft

Price: $48.50

UW01509   Steering Wheel---Avery

UW01509 Steering Wheel---Avery

Replaces number JDS341

Fits: Avery A

16" Diameter---Tapered and Keyed Hub with Rounded Edge---3/4" - 7/8" Shaft---3 Spoke

Price: $48.50

UW01510   Steering Wheel---Avery---Replaces 112098

UW01510 Steering Wheel---Avery---Replaces 112098

Replaces number 112098

Fits: Avery BF, BG, R, V

15" Diameter---Tapered, Keyed and Stepped Hub---11/16---3/4"" Shaft---3 Spo ke

Price: $48.50

UW01511   Steering Wheel---Avery---Replaces 112098

UW01511 Steering Wheel---Avery---Replaces 112098

Fits: Avery BF, R and V

16" Diameter---Tapered, Keyed and Stepped Hub---11/16-3/4"" Shaft---3 Spoke

Price: $48.50

UW01512   Steering Wheel---Replaces 10A7132

UW01512 Steering Wheel---Replaces 10A7132

Replaces number 10A7132, JDS229

Fits: Jet Star, 335, 445
Fits: Manual Steering Models: Jetstar 3, Jetstar 3 Super, 4 Star, 4 Star Super, 5 Star

For Models with Manual Steering

Price: $48.50

UW01511   Steering Wheel---Replaces 10A14456

UW01511 Steering Wheel---Replaces 10A14456

Replaces number 10A14456, MMS028

Fits: GVI, G705, G706, G707, G708, Jet Star 3, 4 Star, 4 Star Super, M5, M504, M602, M604, M670

17-3/4" Diameter---Tapered---Keyed Shaft

Price: $93.00

UW01512   Steering Wheel---Replaces 10A23441

UW01512 Steering Wheel---Replaces 10A23441

Replaces number 10A23441, MMS033

For Models with Char-Lynn Power Steering

Fits: Jet Star 3, Jet Star 3 Super, M670 Super, G900, G955, G1000, U302

15" Diameter---36 Spline---13/16" Shaft---3 Spoke

Price: $59.00

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