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UM33000   Turbocharger---Rebuilt

UM33000 Turbocharger---Rebuilt

Replaces number 1853324M91, 2674216

Includes Mounting Gaskets ---$200.00 core charge included in price

Turbo model 3LD4/1.6

Fits Tractors: 1130 (Eng. SN 354UA1181T->), 1135 (Eng. SN <-354UA16469T)

Price: $1,805.50

UM33001   Turbocharger---New

UM33001 Turbocharger---New

Replaces number 1447152M91, 1446954M91, 2674352, 465740-9001

Includes Mounting Gaskets

Fits Tractors: 1105, 1135 (Eng. SN 354UA16470T->)

Price: $484.31

UM33002   Turbocharger---New

UM33002 Turbocharger---New

Replaces number 3637326E91, 3637326M91, 2674A108, 466778-0004

Includes Mounting Gaskets

Fits Tractors: 390T (W/ AT4.236 Eng.), 393 (W/ AT4.236 Eng.), 398 (W/ AT4.236 Eng.)

Price: $940.93

UM33003   Turbocharger---New

UM33003 Turbocharger---New

Replaces number 1447769E91, 2674A104, 1447769M91

Includes Mounting Gaskets

Fits Tractors: 25 (W/ AT4.236 Eng.), 3065 (W/ AT4.236 Eng.), 3070 (W/ AT4.236 Eng.)

Price: $940.93

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