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XH1344, XH, XHD

UT2324   WICO Magneto---New---Model XH1344

UT2324 WICO Magneto---New---Model XH1344

Fits: A, B, C, H, M, Super A, Super C, Super M, I. O, T, W4, W6, W9, 100, 130, 200, 230, 300, 350, 400, 450, 600, 650

Fits: U2 to U6 Power Unit


Price: $424.95

UT2325   Points---Replaces FXH2100B

UT2325 Points---Replaces FXH2100B

Replaces number FXH2100B

Price: $22.45

UT2326   Condensor--Replaces FXH2024

UT2326 Condensor--Replaces FXH2024

Replaces number FXH2024

Price: $15.25

UT2327   Coil--Replaces FXH2403

UT2327 Coil--Replaces FXH2403

Replaces number FXH2403

Price: $57.50

UT2328   Cap--Replaces FXG2002A-2

UT2328 Cap--Replaces FXG2002A-2

Replaces number FXG2002A-2

Price: $60.15

UT2329   Rotor--Replaces FXG1008

UT2329 Rotor--Replaces FXG1008

Replaces number FXG1008

Price: $33.95

UA52852  Magneto Mounting Gasket

UA52852 Magneto Mounting Gasket

Replaces number ABC556

Price: $2.50

UA52762   Instuction and Parts List

UA52762 Instuction and Parts List

For Wico XH and XHD

Price: $14.50

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