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UF43660   Resistor Assembly---Replaces  A8NN12250B

UF43660 Resistor Assembly---Replaces A8NN12250B

Replaces number A8NN12250B

Fits: 9N, 2N

Mounts to dash, includes block and mounting screws

Price: $16.95

UF43670   Resistor Assembly---Replaces A8NN12250A

UF43670 Resistor Assembly---Replaces A8NN12250A

Replaces number A8NN12250A

Fits: 8N before serial number 263844

Mounts to dash, includes block and mounting screws.

Price: $16.95

UF43680   Resistor-Replacement---Replaces 9N12250

UF43680 Resistor-Replacement---Replaces 9N12250

Replaces number 9N12250

Replacement resistor (for UF43660 & UF43670).

Price: $4.85

UF43690   Resistor---Replaces number 8NE10306

UF43690 Resistor---Replaces number 8NE10306

Replaces number 8NE10306

Electrical Resistors. 0.6 ohm resistor.
Used in alternator conversion kits

Price: $4.95

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