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Fuel Tank

UM31500   Fuel Tank--Replaces 181637M91

UM31500 Fuel Tank--Replaces 181637M91

Replaces number 181637M91

Fits: TE20, TEA20, TO20, TO30

Price: $175.00

UMF31502   Fuel Tank-Used---Replaces 181637M91

UMF31502 Fuel Tank-Used---Replaces 181637M91

Replaces number 181637M91

Fits: TE20, TEA20, TO20, TO30

Local Pickup only on Used Fuel Tank

Price: $100.00

UM31511   Fuel Tank--Replaces 189209M91

UM31511 Fuel Tank--Replaces 189209M91

Replaces number 189209M91, 189209M93

Fits: TO35, MF 35, MF 202, MF 204, 135, 2135

For Models with the above Continental gas engine

Price: $235.00

UM31512   Fuel Tank--Replaces 897401M1

UM31512 Fuel Tank--Replaces 897401M1

Replaces number 897401M1

Fits: MF 35, 135, 20, 2135, 202, 203, 204, 205

Fits Diesel Models

Price: $209.95

UM31513   Fuel Tank--Replaces 534050M91

UM31513 Fuel Tank--Replaces 534050M91

Replaces number 534050M91, 579701M91, 579702M91, 42786

Fits: MF230 Gas before S.N. 9A349239, 245 Orchard
Fits: Industrial 20C Gas, 20C Turf

For Diesel Models

Price: $275.00

UM31514   Fuel Tank--Replaces 1672762M91

UM31514 Fuel Tank--Replaces 1672762M91

Replaces part number 1672762M91, 61926

Fits: MF240, 250, 253

Industrial: 20D, 20E, 20F, 30E, 30H, 40E

Diesel Fuel Tank

Price: $229.00

UM31515   Fuel Tank---Replaces 1876532M94

UM31515 Fuel Tank---Replaces 1876532M94

Replaces number 1876532M94, 43325

Fits: 270, 283 Except Brazil, 290

Price: $273.00

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