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UT47400 In-Frame Engine Overhaul Kit

UT47400   In-Frame Engine Overhaul Kit


Bore: 3.125" ---4 Cylinder Gas & LP---Engines with Water Pump---3.437" Seal Land Inside Diameter

For: Tractors: C w/TSN #48000-48499; Super A-1, Super AV-1, After TSN #356000
For: Tractors: Super C, 100, 200
For: Combines: 76
For: Balers: 55T, 55W, w/Block #354898R1-R4

Includes:Sleeves, Pistons, Rings, Wrist Pins, Wrist Pin Clips, Main Bearings
Connecting Rod Bearings, Head Gasket Set and Oil Pan Gasket

Please Provide Engine Bearing Sizes

Price: $500.00

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