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UT47350 In-Frame Engine Overhaul Kit

UT47350   In-Frame Engine Overhaul Kit


For: C175 (Sleeved) and C169 (3.625" Overbore)

Bore: 3.625"---4 Cylinder Gas & LP---Sleeved Engine with 3.748" Parent Bore in Block

Fits: Tractors: 300 (C169 Engine); 350 (C175 Engine)
Fits: Combines: 140
Fits: Power Units: U169, U175

Includes:Sleeves, Pistons, Rings, Wrist Pins, Wrist Pin Clips, Main Bearings
Connecting Rod Bearings, Head Gasket Set and Oil Pan Gasket

C169 Engine Before S.N. 48048 May Need Pin Bushing Adapter Kit which
converts 1.109" Diameter Rod to .875" Rod( our part number UT47352)

Please Provide Engine Bearing Sizes

Price: $585.90

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