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UT45049 Rear Crank Seal

UT45049   Rear Crank Seal

Replaces: 341249, 251378R92, 360662R91, 364692R91, 364861R91, IHS2387

For all models using later retainer: must be used with late # 251363R2 rear seal retainer, will NOT fit tight in early # 251363R1 retainer. For engines with the early R1 retainer, you must either change to the late R2 retainer or use
loctite 660 or something similar to retain seal into the R1 retainer. (Early R1 retainer has bore size of 3.881", late R2 retainer has a bore size of 3.876", seal has an OD of 3.881"))

Price: $16.95

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