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UT1958 Premium Carburetor Repair Kit---Replaces IHS3319

UT1958   Premium Carburetor Repair Kit---Replaces IHS3319

Replaces number IHS3319

Fits: I6, M, MV, O6, OS6, T6, UC248, W6

Fits: all using 47387D, 47387DB, 47387DC, 50983D, 50983DB, 50983DC, 50983DD
carburetor with throttle body # 6513D, 6513DX (all with 3.195" throttle shaft length)

Includes: strainer screen retainer gasket: 18377D, throttle stop screw: 186566, idle adjusting
spring: 24685D, fuel adjusting screw packing nut: 24687DA, idle adjusting screw: 24689D, idle
outlet plug: 24693D, throttle stop screw spring: 25484D, needle valve gasket: 25948D, strainer
screen retainer: 29902DX, metering nozzle clamp nut gasket: 32615D, starting shutter, choke
plate: 352634R11, starting shutter shaft (choke shaft): 352637R91, (4) fuel bowl screws: 413-414,
dust seal retainer: 45148D, starting shutter dust seal: 45149DA , starting lever friction ball spring:
46059D, fuel bowl gasket: 47388DA, throttle shaft: 47389DAX, throttle valve plate: 47391D, (2)
throttle valve plate screws: 47392D, float axle (pin): 47395D, needle valve and seat: 47396DAX45,
metering nozzle gasket: 47401D, metering nozzle clamp nut: 47402D, fuel adjusting screw: 47404DA,
(4) lock washers: 492-11025, metering nozzle: 56645DX, fuel adjusting screw seat: 56646D, drip hole
filler package: 60947D, drain cock: 9983TC, fuel adjusting screw packing: 24703DA, 67266DX, friction
ball: 46184D, 52791R1, carburetor to manifold gasket: 21632D, 31336D, 530681R2

Price: $74.50

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