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UM60170 PTO Seal--Replaces 834216M1

UM60170     PTO Seal--Replaces 834216M1

Replaces number 834216M1

Fits: MF230 (axle s/n FD101, CD8028 & up), MF231, MF235 (live PTO with axle s/n FD101 & up), MF240, MF245, MF250, MF253, MF255 (with wet brakes), MF265 (with wet brakes), MF270, MF275, MF282, MF285, MF290, MF298, MF360 (prior to s/n P38370), MF375, MF383, MF390, MF390T, MF398, MF399, MF670, MF690, MF698, MF699, MF1080, MF1085, MF3050, MF3060, MF3070, MF3090. Industrials: 20 (axle s/n FD101, CD8028 & up), 20C, 20D, 30 (with wet brake), 30B, 30D, 30E, 31 (axle s/n FD101, CD8028 & up), 40 (with wet brake), 40B, 40E, 50C, 50D, 50E.

Price: $7.95

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