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UM14050 Sleeve and Piston Kit

UM14050    Sleeve and Piston Kit


Fits: 154-4 After ESN UA391044D; 154-4S (CE21899, CE31168); 254-4 (CE21899);
Fits: 235 w/ESN Ending With "DSL" (CE22309, CE22310, CE22311); 240S (CE22311);
Fits: 245; 250 (CE31089)

Fits: Industrial: MF 20C; 20E (CE31048); 30B (CE22438, CE31064); 30D
30E Power Shuttle (CE31144, CE31184); 30H Power Shuttle (CE31184

Contains CAST Sleeves, flange thickness(depth) .150", 4 Ring Dish Bowl Pistons & Rings, Pins & Retainers.

Contains:3 Pistons, Sleeves and Ring Sets

Engines use Perkins Piston 89214

Price: $219.94

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