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UJD18753 In Frame Engine Overhaul Kit---Late

UJD18753   In Frame Engine Overhaul Kit---Late

Fits: 5310, 5310N, 5320, 5320N
Fits: Power Units 3029TF120, 3029TF150, 3029TF152, 3029TF158, 3029TF180, 3029TF270
Fits: European: 5215, 5215F, 5215V, 5315, 5315F, 5315V, 5410, 5410N
Fits: Skidloader: 250, 250-II, 260, 260-II

4.1929" Bore---Piston Code 4814---Piston Number RE500211---Fractured Rod Number R501073---41 MM Pin

Includes: Sleeve and Piston Kit, Main Bearing, Rod Bearings, Head Gasket Set, Oil Pan Gasket and Rod Bolts

Reference: 954277

Price: $1,058.02

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