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UJD17591 In Frame Engine Kit

UJD17591   In Frame Engine Kit

Includes: Sleeve and Piston Kit, Main Bearing, Rod Bearings, Head Gasket Set, Oil Pan Gasket and Rod Bolts

4.250" Bore---6404T/6404A Diesel---Block Number R43310, R45980, R47020, R47110/External Tube Type Oil Cooler
6404T Number 215000 thru 335845 Turbocharged
6404A Number 215000 thru 335845 Aftercooled

Fits: Tractor: 4320, 4520, 4620, Early 7020
Fits: Wheel Loaders: JD644, JD644A
Fits: Compactors: JD646
Fits: Excavators: JD690, JD690A
Fits: Forage Harvester: Early 5200

Reference 954424

Price: $1,213.71

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