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UJD17229 Major Engine Kit---High Ring

UJD17229   Major Engine Kit---High Ring

Includes: Sleeve and Piston Kit, Main Bearing, Rod Bearings, Complete Gasket Set with Crankshaft Seals, Pin Bushings, Cm Bearings, Rear Cam Plug, Rod Bolts

4239D Diesel Engine---4.1929" Bore---1.375" Piston Pin---.375" Valve Stem Diameter---7.720" O.A.L Liners

Naturally Aspirated

Fits: Tractor: 2130, 2350, 2355, 2550, 2555CS
Fits: European Tractor: 1640, 1840, 2040, 2040S, 2040S
Fits: Power Units: 4239D Dubuque, 4239D Saran
Fits: Backhoe: 210C, 310C, 315C, 415B
Fits: Crawler: 400G
Fits: Forklift: 482C
Fits: Excavators: 70, 290D, 70D
Fits: Windrowers: 2360, 3430

Reference: 956222

Price: $772.80

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