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UJD17203 Sleeve and Piston Kit---4 Required

UJD17203   Sleeve and Piston Kit---4 Required

219 Diesel Engine---4.0157" Bore---Block Number T32342, R53250, R55011, R72972---O-Ring Grooves in Block---1.1875" Pin Diameter

Fits: Naturally Aspirated or Turbocharged Engines

Fits: Tractors: 2520 After Engine Serial Number 157575, 2030 Thru Engine Serial Number 275484
Fits: European Tractors: 2120 European Engine Serial Number 75000 thru 199742
Fits: Log Skidders: JD440A After Serial Number 103129, JD440A (C) After Serial Number 21152, JD 440B Thru Serial Number 181034
Fits: Backhoes: 410 thru Serial Number 189345
Fits: Crawlers: JD450B thru Serial Number 187208
Fits: Combines: 3300 thru Engine Serial Number 277615, 4400 thru Engine Serial Number 277615
Fits: Power Units: HA219D, HC219D, 219DH01, 219DH01, 219DH02 thru Serial Number 277615, Early 4219D

Includes: Sleeve, Piston, Rings, Pin and Clips

Reference 151627

Price: $122.00

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