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UF82959 Seat Assembly---Gray Vinyl---FNH126 Uni-Pro

UF82959   Seat Assembly---Gray Vinyl---FNH126 Uni-Pro

Ford Loader Backhoe 755B

Ford Skid Steer: LS120, LS125, LS140, LS150, LS160, LS170, LS180, LS190, LX485, LX885

Ford Telehandler LM430

Please Note: Drilling may be required to adapt seat to application mounting deck.

The KM 126 Uni Pro is a bucket seat with Spray Skin Technology (SST) urethane foam covering. SST is durable and stretches up to 500 percent, compared to either vinyl or foam-in-place which only stretches 100-110 percent. The SST design ensures the covers will not crack, peel or deteriorate even in extreme conditions.

Rugged blow molded plastic bucket
Seamless cover with built in drain hole
Completely waterproof
Single locking slide rails with 4" of travel
Accepts two Operator Presence Switches
Available Options:
Seat Belt Bracket Kit (PN: 6002)
Seat Belt Kit (PN: 7911)
Retractable Seat Belt Kit (PN: 7925)
Operator Presence Switch Kit-Normally Open (PN: 81208)
Operator Presence Switch Kit-Normally Closed (PN: 81213)

Requires Additional Shipping---Please Call for Quote

Price: $138.00

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