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UF82956 Seat Assembly---Black Vinyl---175 Uni-Pro

UF82956   Seat Assembly---Black Vinyl---175 Uni-Pro

Fits Ford 455, 455C, 455D, 550, 555, 555A, 555B, 555C, 555D, 575D, 650 IND, 655, 655A, 655C, 655D, 675D, 750, 755A, 755B.

Bolt patterns: 8 x 11.5 and 11.25 x 11.5.

Quality bucket seat for lawn and turf care, forklifts, pavers, rollers, skid steers, small construction equipment, sweepers, utility vehicles. Durable one-piece stamped steel pan, Ergonomic one-piece molded vinyl cushion. Self-draining cushion. Protective edge trim. Multiple mounting patterns. Mounting holes for original seat belt. Optional armrest kit PN 7548 available.

Price: $167.00

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