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Steering Gear---2015

UKOMAT0001   Power Steering Gear---Remanufactured

UKOMAT0001 Power Steering Gear---Remanufactured

$300 Core Charge Included in Price

Replaces number 3EB-34-12502, 3EB-34-12500

Unless you are sure you need this part number, please contact us with your model and s/n to help
you determine if this is the correct gear for your machine.

This gear has a housing casting # of 23641-00117 and fits many different models.
It also replaces 3EB-34-12500

Price: $1,207.80

UKOMAT0002   Manual Steering Gear---New

UKOMAT0002 Manual Steering Gear---New

Replaces number 421-40-12610

This gear has a housing casting number of 30-140.

Price: $823.75

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