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Cockshutt 1800B, 1800C---Waukesha 310-6 Cylinder Diesel

UW18008 Out of Frame Engine Kit

Replaces number 995145

Cockshutt 1800B, 1800C---Waukesha 310-6 Cylinder Diesel

3.875" Bore---Flat Head Piston

Comes with Sleeves, Pistons, Rings, Rod Bearings, Main Bearings
Complete Gasket Set with Crankshaft Seals

Price: $1,792.35

UW17900 Sleeve and Piston Kit

Replaces number R3464

Fits: Oliver: 1800B, 1800C
Fits: Cockshutt: 1800B, 1800C

3 7/8" Bore

Includes: Sleeves, Pistons, Rings, O-rings, Pins, & Clips

Price: $1,345.50

UW16853 Piston Ring Set

Replaces number 2C7703

3 7/8" Bore with (18)- 3/32" Compression & (6)- 3/16" Oil Rings

Price: $212.73

UW16804 Piston Pin Bushing

Replaces number 223-3530

6 Required

1 Piece Replacement Bushing

Price: $5.25

UW16836 Rod Bearing--Standard

Replaces number CB-703P-STD

6 Required

Models with 2.437" Rod Journal

Price: $17.48

UW16837 Rod Bearing--.010

Replaces number CB-703P-010

6 Required

Models with 2.437" Rod Journal

Price: $17.48

UW16838 Rod Bearing--.020

Replaces number CB-703P-020

6 Required

Models with 2.437" Rod Journal

Price: $17.48

UW16839 Rod Bearing--.030

Replaces number CB-703P-030

6 Required

Models with 2.437" Rod Journal

Price: $17.48

UW16902 Main Bearing Set--Standard

Replaces number MS-676P-STD

Price: $197.04

UW16903 Main Bearing Set--010

Replaces number MS-676P-010

Price: $197.04

UW16904 Main Bearing Set--020

Replaces number MS-676P-020

Price: $197.04

UW16905 Main Bearing Set--030

Replaces number MS-676P-030

Price: $197.04

UW17434 Cam Bearing Set

Replaces number SH-614S

Price: $35.72

UW17552 Head Gasket Set

Replaces number HS3809W

Price: $290.30

UW17553 Conversion Gasket Set

Replaces number CS3809

Price: $110.97

UW16816 Oil Pan Gasket

Replaces number OS31413

Price: $12.07

UW16817 Valve Cover Gasket

Replaces number VS39675A

Price: $13.23

UW17502 Valve Train Kit

Replaces number VTKOL1650D

Includes: Valves, Guides, Springs & Locks

Price: $875.00

UW17452 Intake Valve

Replaces number R-158797A

Price: $52.67

UW17453 Exhaust Valve

Replaces number R-107158A

Price: $60.53

UW17454 Intake Valve Guide

Replaces number R-106623A

Price: $8.01

UW17455 Exhaust Valve Guide

Replaces number R-106624A

Price: $9.51

UW17357 Valve Spring

Replaces number R-107625A

Price: $8.69

UW17459 Valve Lock

Replaces number 216-5144

Single Groove

Price: $0.32

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