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KU90009 Seat Assembly---Black/Gray Fabric---Quality

KU90009   Seat Assembly---Black/Gray Fabric---Quality

Replaces number 7922

Fits: M95, M105, M110, M120, M125, M4800, M5040, M5700, M6040
M6800, M7040, M7580, M8200, M8540, M8580, M9000, M9540, M9580

Additional Shipping Required---Please call for Quote

The KM 1055 Uni Pro Seat & Suspension is a deluxe seat and air suspension
assembly that replaces the original suspension seat and provides a smoother
more comfortable ride. The low-frequency air suspension has a self-contained
12-volt compressor which wires directly to the tractor's electrical system.

Features: Durable black/gray fabric covering
Reclining backrest with tapered back support
Backrest extension for extra backrest height
Adjustable mechanical lumbar support
Adjustable fold-up armrests
Suspension travel of 4"
Fore/aft isolator with 8.25" of travel absorbs jarring for extra comfort
Height adjustment of 3"
Adjustable slide rails provide fore/aft adjustment
Shock absorber adjustments for individual comfort
Includes a durable suspension cover to keep components free of dirt and dust.

Price: $1,095.00

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