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KU90007 Seat Assembly---Black Fabric---Quality

KU90007   Seat Assembly---Black Fabric---Quality

Replaces number 7879

Fits: M95, M105, M110, M120, M125, M4800, M5040, M5700, M6040
M6800, M7040, M7580, M8200, M8540, M8580, M9000, M9540, M9580

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Features: Mechanical suspension
Durable black fabric covering
Removable headrest
Vacuum formed cushions add comfort and durability
Seat cushion width of 17.75"
Seat index point of 1.38"
Extendable and foldable backrest with angle adjustment
Mechanical adjustable lumbar support
Fold-up armrests
Seat belt fixation points
Adjustable slide rails with 8.25" of travel
Suspension travel of 4"
Manual weight adjustment of 286 lbs
2.75" stroke reducer
Durable suspension cover to keep components free of dirt and dust

Price: $695.00

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