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KU10303 Tie Rod End---Replaces 38440-44780

KU10303   Tie Rod End---Replaces 38440-44780

Replaces number 38440-44780, 32150-12600, 32150-12601, 32150-12602, 70689

Fits: L185F, L2050, L210, L2250, L2350F, L245F, L245H, L2500, L2550, L2600, L2650DT, L285, L2850F, L2900F, L2950, L295F, L3000, L3010F, L3130F, L3250F, L3300F, L3450, L3650F, L3830F, L4200F, L4300F, L4310F, MX5000F

RH--Male Thread---.622 O..D.
Length to Center of Ball---3.875"
Taper---.516" to .576"
Length of Taper---.90"

Price: $26.57

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