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Injection Pump/IH---2013

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UT1890  Rebuilt  Injection Pump---Replaces 3044494R92

UT1890 Rebuilt Injection Pump---Replaces 3044494R92

Replaces numbers 3044494R92, 3040869R92, 3240F538

Fits: B-414, 424, 444, 2444, 424, 2424, 354, 364, 384, 3414, TD-5, Early 500

CAV Style Pump

$400 core charge included in price

Price: $1,385.00

UT1891   Injection Pump---Replaces 3136072R92

UT1891 Injection Pump---Replaces 3136072R92

Replaces 3136072R92, 3136073R93, 3144270R91, 3144402R91, 73108C91, VA3/100H1100CR9/3, VA3/100H1150BR61
VA3/100H1150BR62, VA3/100H1150CR61, VA3/100H1150CR62, VA3/100H950AR9

Fits: 3 Cylinder with D-155 or D-179 Engine

Fits: 454, 464, 474, 484, 385, 485, 3220, 2400A, 2400B, 3400B

CAV style Conversion to replace Bosch

Fuel Line and Linkage Modification Required

Price: $1,315.52

UT1892   Injection Pump---Replaces 1329107C91

UT1892 Injection Pump---Replaces 1329107C91

Replaces number 1329107C91, 1329128C1, 191963A1, 1967078C1, 3132168R93, 3132169R93, 3136323R92, 3144221R91,
3144379R91, 3144381R91, 3144496R91, 3144902R92, 3184488R91, 3218002R92, 3218604R91
VA4/100H1100AR12-1, VA4/100H1100BR12-1, VA4/100H1100BR12-2, VA4/100H1100CRV3353-1, VA4/100H11100AR12-2
VA4/100H1150CR69-4, VA4/10H1150CR69-4, VA4/10H1150CR8, VA4/10H1200CR12-12, VA4/1100CRV3267-1, VA4/110H1200CR85-1

Fits: 544, 574, 674, 584, 684, 784, 585, 685, 785, 595, 695, 544, 4210, 4230, 4240, 2544, 3514, 250A, 2500A, 2500B, 3500A, 3500B

CAV style to replace Bosch

Fuel Line and Linkage Modification Required

Price: $1,315.52

UT1893   Injection Pump---Replaces 3055975R98

UT1893 Injection Pump---Replaces 3055975R98

Replaces number 3055975R98, 3132606R92, 3144328R91, 3144430R91, 3144531R91, 3210337R91, 735129C91, 735130C91, 735132C91
VA6/100H1000CRV3616-1, VA6/100H1150AR21, VA6/100H1150BR21, VA6/100H1150R21, VA6/100H1200BR44-1, VA6/100H1200CR191
VA6/100H1200CR44-1, VA6/100H1200CRV3615-1, VA6/100H1200R44, VA6/100H1350BR49, VA6/100H1350BR49-1, VA6/100H1350CR49-1

Fits: 686, 706, 756

For Models with D-310 German Diesel Engine

CAV style to replace Bosch

Fuel Line and Linkage Modification Required

Price: $1,315.52

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