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Hinomoto Glow Plug---2014

HIN4000   Glow Plug---Replaces 2401-8201-00

HIN4000 Glow Plug---Replaces 2401-8201-00

Replaces number 2401-8201-00, 70577

Fits: E16, E18, E23 with spin on fuel filter, E25

Double Filament
Overall Length---81.6 mm
Length of Probe---22.5 mm
Length of Body---45 mm
Thread Size---M10 x 1.25

Price: $22.95

HIN4001   Glow Plug---Replaces 6101-8321-00

HIN4001 Glow Plug---Replaces 6101-8321-00

Replaces number 6101-8321-00, 70576

Fits: E1802, E1804, E2002, E2004, E2302, E2304

Single Element
Overall Length---66.1 mm
Length of Probe---19 mm
Length of Body---33.5 mm
Thread Size---M10 x 1.24

Price: $22.95

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