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Crankshaft/Crankshaft Pulley

UT1070     Crankshaft---Replaces 353743R93

UT1070 Crankshaft---Replaces 353743R93

Replaces number 353743R93, 251264R, IHS211

Fits: Cub and Cub Lo-Boy up to engine sn 261717

Will not fit 154 and 184 unless you use early style connecting rods

Has .761" rod bearing width

Price: $284.95

UT1121     Crankshaft Pulley---Replaces 251269R3

UT1121 Crankshaft Pulley---Replaces 251269R3

Replaces number 251269R3

Fits: Cub

4-5/8" O.D.

Price: $42.50

UT1120S Front Crankshaft Seal---Cub---Replaces 49177D

Front Crankshaft Seal---Cub

Price: $7.95

UT45048 Front Crank Seal with Wear Sleeve


Price: $28.94

UT45049 Rear Crank Seal


Price: $17.85

UT45050 Rear Crank Seal Wear Sleeve


This is the Wear Sleeve only---Seal not included

Price: $57.98

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