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Choke Cable---2014

UA40550     Choke Cable--Universal---72

UA40550 Choke Cable--Universal---72"

72" Choke or Stop Cable Assembly

Price: $10.95

UA40552     Choke Cable--Universal---47

UA40552 Choke Cable--Universal---47"

47" Choke Cable

Metal Sheathed with Choke on Knob

Price: $18.75

UM31600    Choke Cable---Replaces 194287M1

UM31600 Choke Cable---Replaces 194287M1

Replaces number 194287M1

Fits: 135 with Continental engine

27-1/4 inch total length

Price: $24.87

UM31605    Choke Cable---Replaces 519976M1

UM31605 Choke Cable---Replaces 519976M1

Replaces number 519976M1

Fits: 135 with Perkins engine

30-1/2 inch total length

Price: $19.56

UM31610    Choke Cable---Replaces 505759M1

UM31610 Choke Cable---Replaces 505759M1

Replaces number 505759M1

Fits: 150, 165, 175, 180, 255

41 inch total length

Price: $29.19

UM31615    Choke Cable---Replaces 544384M91

UM31615 Choke Cable---Replaces 544384M91

Replaces number 544384M91

Fits: 235, 230 before s.n.9A260658

35-3/4 inch total length

Price: $34.87

UM31620    Choke Cable--Replaces 505758M1

UM31620 Choke Cable--Replaces 505758M1

Replaces number 505758M1

Fits: 150 Continental, 265 Perkins

36-1/2 inch total length

Price: $22.75

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